SGI IRIX Freeware

Pointers to additional IRIX Freeware

Some freeware didn't make it into our distribution for various reasons:
  • U.S. law prohibits us from exporting some freeware
  • Some freeware owners prefer to distribute it themselves
  • Our contributing volunteers have limited resources
For your convenience, here are some pointers to some frequently requested IRIX Freeware that is not included in the SGI IRIX Freeware distribution. You may also want to check Bill Henderson's comprehensive SGI software anon ftp list for further pointers. Besides sites with selected packages there are some other collections available, such as The Written Word.

Note that the following table includes pointers to external sources that are not affiliated with SGI.

Click on the install icon to jump to an alternate IRIX Freeware site

 CLISP  C LISP implementation Install
 gcc 2.7.2.x  Older GNU C Compiler generating MIPS o32 code (includes as + ld) Install
 graphviz  Graph visualization tools Install
 perl5  Additional Perl distributions (o32 module compatibility + more) Install
 txt2pdf  Convert text files to PDF Install
 xdiff  X11/Motif based file comparator and merge tool Install
 REBOL/core  Internet-native messaging language Install

If you are stuck running an older IRIX release the following links may help. They reference the last freeware distribution to support a particular OS.

Absolutely no warranties for this freeware.
Please email feedback to the respective maintainers.